Step one - our process

Data Analysis

First we gather information as much information as we can from your customer interactions. Typically these are things like:

  • Social media interactions – data scraped from direct messaging or customer interactions on your social media channels

  • Customer service staff interviews – a focus group of your customer service staff to discuss insights they have and typical requests

  • Customer support request logs – interactions through your help desk or customer service emails

  • Voice calls – analyse voice interactions from recorded support phone calls

From this we create a curated data set that contains a list of common ‘intents’ (questions) asked by your customers and a varied selection of examples of how those questions are typically phrased (usually around 10) to train the AI to answer them for you automatically.

Define Platform

Each project has its own set of challenges, so we work carefully with you to find the perfect solution to match your requirements.

Our experience allows us to curate efficient solutions that deliver the functionality you need.

This could include messaging services or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools like:

  • Twilio

  • Intercom

  • Zendesk

  • Salesforce

The next piece of the puzzle is to decide on the best A.I. engine to use. We help you select the one best suited to your budget and needs.

Step two - our process
Step three - our process

Conversational Flows

The next task is to design the conversational flows.

Through the sentiment analysis and research, we engineer effective and powerful conversations that streamline your customer services.

Sentiment analysis also helps you spot revenue opportunities for up-sells and cross selling.

The systems we build skillfully manage all your common FAQs automatically. This increases staff efficiency because only the most complex support requests reach them, freeing up their time and saving you money!

Conversational flow diagram

Test, Refine, Improve

Finally we test, measure, analyse and refine the process to ensure everything is working as it should do.

Your staff are more efficient and your customers are happier!

Step four - our process
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