The theory behind 10x is that anything that will grow 2x isn’t growing quick enough to be worth putting your time and energy into.

In a legacy organisation trying 10x thinking is difficult unless there is a willingness to take a “Daenerys Targaryen Breaker of Chains” approach as the old order dodgedly resist the new pattern (if you haven’t watched Game of Throne/read the books, Daenerys has three large dragons that conveniently burn away everyone associated with the old orders).

In a 10x native organization, the real challenge is keeping the 10x mindset because it is so easy to slip back to 2x thinking, even when your whole organisation is onboard and encultured. 2x is a long established pattern and old patterns are hard to break! At the moment we have a pandemic that has broken the old pattern for most of us so this may well be the opportunity to start a fresh 10x pattern! I know I am planning to!

Considering that “AWS represents 12% of net sales of the entire business. But 63% of the profit” in 2019 a bit of 10x thinking can go a long way!