AI Customer Service Chatbot Agency

Improve Customer & Employee Experiences with AI Customer Service Chatbot Messaging

e-Commerce. Healthcare. Aviation.

Use automated conversational AI customer service chatbot messaging technologies to service, sell and cross sell to your customers.

We combine direct messaging, sentiment analysis, conversational AI and Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) tools to create AI customer service assistants for Retail, Healthcare and Aviation.

Our expert AI consultants work with your company to build and release an RFP (request for proposal) / RFI (request for Information), or we can guide you through the process of discovering the most effective suite of tools appropriate to your systems and infrastructure.

Our process

Handle Surges in Customer Service Inquiry Volumes.  Anytime.  24/7.

CC delivers conversational AI for complex use cases in eCommerce, Healthcare and Aviation.

CC can not only answer simple, FAQ type questions but also provide a conversational AI digital assistant that will:

  • Improve Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Reduce call wait time
  • Reduce call drop off rate
  • Cross-sell and Up-sell
  • Unlimited scale for customer queries
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